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Tanztheater Wuppertal / Pina Bausch

France Inter

Jul 02Jul 12, 2018

from 25 to 89 €

17:00 / 20:00


An Istanbul choreographic portrait where the obsessive fear of sinking doesn't impede pleasure and carelessness.

Seeing « Nefès » - 2002 Pina Bausch’s choreographic portrait of Istanbul - again today, dangles a world of paradoxical feelings between the obsessive fear of vanishing and the lust for life, between the dark waters of death and some geysers bubbling with pleasure. The hyphen of it all? The enthusiasm for art and playing.

Jeanne Liger

Country Germany

company Tanztheater Wuppertal choreography and director Pina Bausch

set design & videos Peter Pabst¨ costumes Marion Cito music collaboration Matthias Burkert, Andreas Eisenschneider collaboration Marion Cito, Helena Pikon, Robert Sturm set design assistant Gerburg Stoffel costumes assistant Birgit Stoessel music Mercan Dede, Birol Topaloğlu, Burhan Öçal, Istanbul Oriental Ensemble, Replicas, Bülent Ersoy, Candan Erçetin, Suren Asaduryan with Yansimalar, Amon Tobin, Arild Andersen, Bugge Wesseltoft, Chris McGregor’s Brotherhood of Breath, Dr. Rockit, Elektrotwist, Inner Zone Orchestra, Koop, Mardi Gras BB, Astor Piazzolla, Tom Waits, UhUhBoo Project artistic director Adolphe Binder rehearsal directors Helena Pikon & Robert Sturm with 26 Tanztheater Wuppertal dancers