Espace Partagé

Espace Partagé

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Ambra Senatore / CCN de Nantes

Les Abbesses

Feb 01Feb 04, 2018

from 10 to 30 €

15:00 / 20:30


On the edge between humaneness, sharing and the « precious diversity of every human being ».

On the edge between humaneness, sharing and Ambra Senatore emphasizes the cinematographic approach that was already the trademark of her previous works. In this especially lively and dynamic piece, seven dancers propel themselves into a fractured space-time. The flow of movement is encrusted with focuses and zoom effects. The stage becomes a movie screen.

Jean-Marc Adolphe

choreography Ambra Senatore company CCN de Nantes

external eyes Caterina Basso, Claudia Catarzi, Giuseppe Molino, Barbara Schlittler lighting design Fausto Bonvini sound design Jonathan Seilman & Ambra Senatore costumes Louise Hochet with Matteo Ceccarelli, Lee Davern, Elisa Ferrari, Nordine Hamimouch, Laureline Richard, Antoine Roux-Briffaud, Ambra Senatore