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Alexander Melnikov

Nov 26, 2017

5 € to 19 €




From pianoforte to modern piano.

Invented at the beginning of XVIII century, Bartolomeo Cristofori’s "harpsichord with soft and strong" has continued to change. Each mutation has been fundamental for composers. In order to illustrate this evolution, Alexander Melnikov chose three very famous pieces that will allow us to easily understand this process. He will play on three different pianos to render an idea of Schubert's, Chopin's, Liszt's and Stravinsky's original colors.

Clara Weiss

piano Alexander Melnikov

Threes pianos for three eras

Schubert Wanderer fantaisie, D 760 (pianoforte Alois Graf)

Chopin 12 études, op. 10 (pianoforte Érard)

Liszt Réminiscences de Don Juan (pianoforte Érard)

Stravinski Three movements from Pétrouchka (piano moderne Steinway)