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Espace Partagé

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Juan José Mosalini / Sandra Rumolino / Jorge Rodriguez / Maria Filali

Feb 09Feb 10, 2018

from 10 € to 26 €



A bandoneon, a voice and two bodies.

Alma de Tango... in other words, The Tango soul. This music & choreography project, born in Rio de la Plata, has a powerful soul. Everything's there, on the stage, in our ears and before our eyes. The tango soul is first of all the bandoneon, the prime fetish instrument, which, beneath Juan José Mosalini magical fingers, immediately sets the stage: nostalgia for the lost homeland and often dashed hopes after the arrival in the country of emigration; complex and often contrasting feelings, a world of moving, indeed heart wrenching, sounds. But the soul of tango is also a voice - music and poetry at a time - especially when the voice belongs to Sandra Rumolino. And, last but not least, the soul of tango is made of two entwined bodies unveiling a rare sensual intimacy and masterly describing through space the choreography of sublimate desire.

Jean-Louis Mingalon

Country Argentine

bandonéon Juan José Mosalini Vocals Sandra Rumolino Dance Jorge Rodriguez, Maria Filali Piano Diego Aubia Violin Sébastien Couranjou bass Leonardo Teruggi