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Shahram Nazeri

Oct 13Oct 14, 2017

from 10 € to 26 €



The Iranian Pavarotti

Shahram Nazeri’s the quiet strength of a timeless voice, fiery and delicate at a time, whose power wears proud the colors of Iranian mystic poetry - Rûmî s one in particular - and the popular repertoire of his native Kurdistan. Truly idolized in Iran, it's rare to see him in Paris since 1988 when he gave his first concert in Théâtre de la Ville. Although the American press rightly refers to him as "the Iranian nightingale" or "the Iranian Pavarotti", through his world tours, he stays humble. Without artifice, intimately living "this spiritual music", he touches our hearts in an unimpaired manner, thus kindling the flame of our awakened imagination.

Jacqueline Magnier

Country Iran

Vocal Shahram Nazeri Tanbur Behrouz Taheri Tanbur, Shurangiz Farid Elhami tanbur, kemantché Younes Paknezhad tar, divan Saber Nazargahi daf Mohammad Jaberi Drum Shahab Hamidi Manesh