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An uncommonly magic fado.

Nothing fated Cristina Branco for such a destiny. The day of her 18th birthday, her grandfather offered her an Amália Rodrigues' album. That's how she discovered fado emotion and passion. Intimate lyrics, elegant accents, clear and high pitched sounds, Cristina Branco became the new fado voice. Or rather, the voice of a new fado because, even if the basis of her work traditional, the intervention of external influences makes her artistic approach very innovative. In "Menina" (September 2016), she sings songs that have been especially composed or written for her by some major Portuguese artists: Pedro Da Silva Martins, Luís Martins, Mário Laginha, Kalaf or even António Lobo Antunes. Full of mystery and poetry, her songs unveil further an artist between refinement, tradition and innovation.

5 € to 19 €

Country Portugal

vocal, fado Cristina Branco

Bernardo Couto Portuguese guitar

Bernardo Moreira double bass

Luís Figueiredo piano

Wed 7 Feb 2018

8:30 PM

5 € to 19 €

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