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Espace Partagé

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Companhia de Música Teatral

DGartes Portugal - République portugaise Fondation Galouste Gulbenkian EGEAC São Luiz Teatro Municipal Lisboa - Mairie de Lisbonne Camões

May 21May 22, 2018

from 8 to 10 €

10:00 / 17:00


+ 1.5
1.5 years and older

A participatory and playful show for youngsters

Do you speak « babelim »? This word refers to a form of communication, made of noises, images and gestures that preceded language. Paulo Maria and Helena Rodrigues, from Lisbon Companhia de Musica Teatral, speak very good Babelim in a participatory and playful show conceived for youngsters from 0 to 7 years (and for adults accompanying them !). Piano, singing, invented instruments, little musical scores and other tools open new pathways leading to a « vibrating community » where learning knows how to become funny.

Shows, workshops, educational projects, publishing, … under the direction of Helena and Paulo Maria Rodrigues, Companhia de Teatro Musical, based in Lisbon, explores music as a starting point for an interaction between different techniques and languages of artistic communication within an aesthetic going from the « scenic music » to the « musical theatre ».

Companhia de Música Teatral

concept Companhia de Música Teatral & Opus Tutti Project art direction & music Paulo Maria Rodrigues creation & construction decor Miguel ferraz general coordination Helena Rodrigues

withGabriel Rodrigues, Maria Jorge Leal, Pia Rodrigues, Helena Magalhães, Matilde Silva, Margarida Magalhães, Concha Rodrigues, Simão Leal, Inês Silva, Pedro Ramos et Paulo Maria Rodrigues

--- PRODUCTION companhia de música teatral – opus tutti Project.