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Was it better before? The dialogue between a tyrannosaurus and a psychoanalyst

An atlas of melancholies: Pedro Penim and Teatro Praga - regular Chantiers d’Europe guests - have noticed here and there across Europe a sort of persistent awkwardness related to very ancient events. Has our past really been so “glorious” once? And how far back should we trace this “before”? In order to build his diagnosis, Pedro Penim dares to bring face to face a tyrannosaurus and a pretty skeptical post-modern psychoanalyst. A hilarious and bitter dialogue offering “food for thought” about the future of our civilizations and their propensity to nurture phantoms and mythologies of fallen empires.

from 5 to 18 €
In English
Overtitled in French

Country Portugal

direction & text Pedro Penim
avec Bernardo de Lacerda, Pedro Penim, Frederico Pereira
Lights design Rui Monteiro
Video creation Jorge Jácome
General Assistance & Executive Production Bernardo de Lacerda
Production assistant Alexandra Baião

PRODUCTION Teatro Praga / Andreia Carneiro.

DGartes Portugal - République portugaise Fondation Galouste Gulbenkian EGEAC São Luiz Teatro Municipal Lisboa - Mairie de Lisbonne Camões

Thu 17 May 2018

9:00 PM

from 5 to 18 €

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