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La Tristura

Les Abbesses

In Spanish
Overtitled in French

Instituto Cervantes Paris Inaem

May 25May 26, 2018

from 8€ to 15€




In Search of Memory

El Pais evokes both Robert Lepage (for the road-movie mood) and Milo Rau (for the documentary side). At the crossroads of such influences, La Tristura company put on a good face. The subject of CINE is no small matter either: through the quest of the protagonist who tries to find his real parents, Itsaso Arana and Celso Giménez evoke the tragedy of nearly 300000 babies stolen in Spain during Francoism. A painful and widely ignored memory that doesn’t yield to pathos or one-way denunciation. Someone sings a song: Vamos a ponernos a vivir (Let’s start to live!).

When they were twenty, Celso Giménez, Itsaso Arana and Violeta Gil founded La Tristura while they’re still studying at Drama School in Madrid. La Tristura is one of the most remarked companies of the Spanish scene that’s already been invited to Chantiers d’Europe with « Materia Prima».

Country Spain

play La Tristura creation & text Itsaso Arana, Celso Giménez scenography Ana Muñiz Light & technical direction creation Eduardo Vizuete technical assistant Roberto Baldinelli Sound creation Eduardo G. Castro Assistant Violeta Gil French translation Marion Cousin Communication Paloma Fidalgo, Israel Paredes Poster and photo Mario Zamora

Play of La Tristura creation & text Itsaso Arana & Celso Giménez scenography Ana Muñiz Light & technical direction creation Eduardo vizuete technical assistant Roberto Baldinelli sound creation Eduardo G. Castro assistant Violeta Gil French translation Marion Cousin communication Paloma Fidalgo & Israel Paredes Poster & Photos Mario Zamora

with Itsaso Arana, Fernanda Orazi & Pablo Und Destruktion voice Roberto Baldinelli, Javier Gallego, Eduardo G. Castro, Miren Iza, Adriana Salvo

& the children Lola Lemaire, Nel Esposito, Ilies Amellah, Chiara Vergne, Zeno Temkine

INTERNATIONAL DISSEMINATION Claudio Ponzana. PRODUCTION La tristura – Las naves espai de creació – festival de otoño a Primavera de La comunidad de madrid. COLLABORATION IN PRODUCTION Tafalla Kulturgunea – teatro Pradillo – centro dramático nacional.