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Luis Guenel Soto / Teatro Niño Proletario

In Spanish
Overtitled in French

Festival d'Automne à Paris Conbierno de Chile

Nov 29Dec 09, 2017

from 10 to 30 €

15:00 / 20:30



Life on the margins of society is the main topic of exploration of Chilean Teatro Niño Proletario.

Love in a mental institution lost in the darkest depth of Chili. Nearly without words, rhythmed by emotions and clumsiness, tremendous Teatro Niño Proletario actors drew their inspiration from a photo-reportage. They make us feel and share with an uncommon perspicacity, the stirring humaneness of “the scum of the earth”.

Jean-Marc Adolphe

Country Chili

based on a novel by Paz Errázuriz, Damiela Eltit L’Infarctus de l'Âme direction Luis Guenel Soto direction assistant Francisco Medina set & costumes Catalina Devia Lighting design Ricardo Romero music composition Jaime Muñoz Pictures Paz Errázuriz video recording Carola Sánchez graphic design Alejandro Délano Company Teatro Niño Proletario

with Daniel Antivilo, Luz jiménez, Ángel Lattus, Millaray Lobos, Francisca Márquez, José Soza, Rodrigo Velásquez