Espace Partagé

Espace Partagé

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Marguerite Bordat / Pierre Meunier

Les Abbesses

Jan 08Jan 18, 2018

from 10 to 30 €



A curious and creative theatre to stir dormant waters up

How to resist to such a unique and uncommon theatre offering a world of objects and matters, of words and music that brings us somewhere else, in a place and time where physics and metaphysics are tightly intertwined, where everything seems possible? Although this sophisticated research is conducted with humor, nothing's idle on this stage where man is faced with the elements of nature, precariously balancing between certainties and questioning.

Conception, writing & direction Marguerite Bordat, Pierre Meunier Sound Géraldine Foucault, Thierry Madiot, Hans Kunze Lighting design Bruno Goubert drainer manager Rodrigue Montebran

with Frédéric Kunze, Thomas Mardell, Pierre Meunier, Jeanne Mordoj, Muriel Valat