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Espace Partagé

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Adi Boutrous

Les Abbesses

Saison France Israël

Jan 24Jan 26, 2019

10 à 26€



Two men in an immaculate space. Sometimes that is enough to enthrall and deeply move, end-to-end. Adi Boutrous and Avshalom Latucha succeed in this return to fundamentals through their acuity and their complete honesty. Their bodies question the very core of masculine identity and relate the tensions that pervade the context of their lives in Israel. Their lifts, their rolls, their face-offs and even their handstands are so intense, so urgent, that we experience the feeling of a dance capable of expressing and revealing everything. Boutrous and Latucha resort to physical exhaustion to reach the core of their souls and of their relationship, in a condition where the mask drops. They need the entire space surrounding them to embrace so many hopes and despairs, articulated by two artists showing great maturity. In addition to this, a brand new duet for two female dancers, commissioned by Théâtre de la Ville, as if in a mirror: a double, a hidden face that reveals another look.

Thomas Hahn

Country Israël

choreography Adi Boutrous

created and performmed by Avshalom Latucha, Adi Boutrous, Anat Vaadia, Stav Struz artistic advisors Anat Vaadia & May Zarhy lighting design Ofer Laufer COSTUMES Reut Shaibe sound concept & mix Adi Boutrous MUSIC Francisco López (Untitled #168), Prince Conley (I'm going home), Entrance (Make Me a Pallet on your Floor), Graham Lambkin (Glinkamix, Georgete da Mocidade, Chuva na favela)