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Inês Barahona / Miguel Fragata

In French

Mar 13Mar 23, 2019

5 à 15€

10:00 / 14:30 / 15:00 / 19:00

+ 10
10 years and older

Created in its French version in Théâtre de la Ville for Chantiers d’Europe 2017, this work addresses children to explain the issue of migrants with empathy, humor and tenderness,.

12 year old, Farid looks like any other boy of his age, except that instead of going to school, he has left Afghanistan, his native country, and traveled across seas, deserts and woods to reach England. Farid is a refugee. His story, told by Lisbon company Formiga Atómica is as real as it isnvented: it is inspired by the lives of children traveling alone on the roads of exile. How to explain the refugee crisis to children? Miguel Fragata and Ines Barahona are convinced that we must tell them about the tragedies of contemporary world, as awful as they are. Let us remember that traditional tales are full of terror and cruelty. A carpet, a teapot, a map of the world, luggage, toys… on the stage the two actors use the distance made possible by theatre of objects to tell this odyssey.

Maïa Bouteillet

Concept & Dramaturgy Inês Barahona, Miguel Fragata

direction Miguel Fragata Text Inês Barahona translation Luis De Andrea set & Costumes design Maria João Castelo Music Teresa Gentil lighting design José Álvaro Correia Avec Anne-Élodie Sorlin & Émilie Caen