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Louis Sachar / Catherine Verlaguet / Olivier Letellier

Nov 07Nov 18, 2018

5 à 15€

10:00 / 14:30 / 15:00 / 19:00

+ 9
9 years and older

Road-movie, initiatory journey, family saga and social tragedy merge in a limitless imaginary that questions our concepts of justice.

Olivier Letellier’s new project leads us to the Texas desert to follow Stanley Yelnats, a rehab camp teenager who digs holes at the bottom of a dry lake. It begins like a western but pretty soon he starts to unbury family stories, especially the one of his « horrible, awful, worthless great great grandfather » who stole a pig from a one-legged gipsy who then took her revenge by casting an evil spell on him... Based on Louis Sachar’s teeming American novel « Hole », « La mécanique du hasard » questions the notions of legacy and free will. In a space as naked as a blank page, the story is propelled by two actors who lead us through space and time just barely embodying the characters. Thus, the audience’s imagination has space to find its own way.

Maïa Bouteillet

Based on the novel Holes by Louis Sachar adaptation Catherine Verlaguet direction Olivier Letellier

DIRECTION ASSISTANTS Jonathan Salmon, Valia Beauvieux LIGHTING DESIGN Sébastien Revel SOUND CREATION Antoine Prost SCENOGRAPHY Colas Reydellet COSTUMES Nadia Léon WITH Fiona Chauvin & Guillaume Fafiotte

photos : Christophe Raynaud de Lage