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Feb 19, 2019

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Six string guitar's prince

Thibault Cauvin was born with a guitar in his hands, the one his father, a musician too, gave him. Since that moment one thing naturally led to another. He studied at the Bordeaux Conservatory and at the Paris National Superior Conservatory where he brilliantly completed his studies. Loving to perform, he became fond of international contests, an inevitable springboard in the life of an artist wishing to have a carrier. His youth, his energy and his inventiveness are overwhelming. He won numerous prizes and at only 20 years, became the most decorated world guitarist, with 36 prizes, including 13 first prizes. His agenda is filling up, the entire world wishes to listen to the “prince of six-string guitar”. His inspired playing, both expressive and extremely natural, could only abolish borders and bring together different audiences and generations. Under his fingers, guitar, equally popular and learned, newcomer in the world of classical music, turns into a queen of XXIst century.

Thibault Cauvin guitar

New album Cities 2 to be published in October 2018 at Sony Music.