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Music from Maramureș country

Situated in far northern Romania, the village where Yoan Pop was born was one of Béla Bartok’s fields of study… quite a good sign. Multi-instrumentalist Ioan Pop founded Groupe Iza by immersing himself in the life of such villages, at the heart of tradition. With the excellent musicians he selects, he tries to promote the richness of Maramures traditions outside Romania while maintaining a musical activity intimately linked with everyday life (marriages, births, funerals, parties…) across the country. Both contemporary and bearer of a memory, this astonishingly virtuous music features an unceasingly renewed inventiveness.

5 à 19€

Country Roumanie

Groupe Iza

Ioan Pop vocals, violin, guitar, flute Ioachim Făt Violin Gheorghe Kohut Violin, vocals Pop Anua vocals, drum, dance Tepei Voichia drum, vocals

Manifestation organisée et soutenue dans le cadre de la Saison France-Roumanie 2019

Saison France Roumanie

Tue 18 Dec 2018

8:00 PM

5 à 19€

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