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Yulduz Turdieva

Les Abbesses

france musique Maison des Cultures du Monde Festival de l'imaginaire Centre des Monuments nationaux-St Cloud

Sep 29, 2018

5 à 19€


Yulduz Turdieva is aptly named like a star! Passionately fond of traditional singing since her childhood, through her unique voice and her skills, she has already conquered the Central Asia classical repertoire experts as well as the popular songs lovers. Today, she is considered as the new Uzbekistan diva. From “shash-maqâm” complex melodies to lighter “sâzandas” and “mavregi” airs - the music of marriages and other celebrations in Bukhara - Yulduz and her accomplices carry us in their dance!

Country Ouzbékistan

chant Yulduz Turdieva

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