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Espace Partagé

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Ainhoa Vidal

DGartes Portugal - République portugaise Fondation Galouste Gulbenkian EGEAC São Luiz Teatro Municipal Camões ONDA Instituto Cervantes Paris Ambassade du Portugal

May 22, 2019

5 à 8 €

10:00 / 17:00


+ 6 mois
6 mois years and older

Far from the concrete jungle of Paris, Ainhoa Vidal will be taking toddlers―from 6 months to 2 years old―on a deep-sea dive in this poetic, fantastic trip to the bottom of the sea. White sand, stones, seaweed, and coral made from cloth and wool, give the perfect illusion of an other-worldly fantasy, of a world of infinite riches. Thanks to projections of crocheted fish, sharks, crabs, and jellyfish, Vidal proposes an immersive show in which very young children are invited to participate, and come and go as they please, without any external constraint. With dream-like ingenuity, disguised as an exuberant swimmer, Vidal introduces them to environmental questions and to the notion of respecting our planet’s beauty.

Olivier Fregaville

Country Portugal

concept & performance Ainhoa Vidal

set design Carla Martinez lighting design & video Nuno Salsinha