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Marcel Proust / Charles Tordjman / Serge Maggiani

Jun 03Jun 25, 2019

10 à 22€



On the footsteps of Proust’s memory, a stunning actor revisits his historical performance. A brilliantly delightful “madeleine”.

Dexterously sliding into the phrase, matching its contours, accurately rendering its sequences, here you have Serge Maggiani’s phenomenally light proposal. A diptych built to Marcel Proust’s “Remembrance of Things Past”. The actor, directed by Charles Tordjman, will not play the entirety of this huge literary work. The masterpiece adaptation offered under a title borrowed from Saint-Simon, “Je poussais donc le temps avec l’épaule”, is an opportunity for plunging at the heart of this fascinating mirror, a matching game where childhood emotions echo the narrator’s present feelings. As thrilling to be followed as a serial, “Je poussais donc le temps avec l’épaule” is a perfect introduction to the “Remembrance”.

Hugues Le Tanneur

based on Marcel Proust À la recherche du temps perdu direction Charles Tordjman

With Serge Maggiani

Adaptation Serge Maggiani & Charles Tordjman Scenography Vincent Tordjman Music Vicnet lighting design Christian Pinaud Costumes Yohji Yamamoto Cartistic advisorPauline Masson