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Didier Eribon / Thomas Ostermeier

In French

Jan 11Feb 16, 2019

15 à 36€

16:00 / 20:00



Ten years after the publication of the famous essay « Returning to Reims » by Didier Eribon, Thomas Ostermeier presents the French version of this work. In a studio, an actress records the commentary of a live documentary film. Acting and movie overlap to better reveal some dark corners of today’s society such as the mechanisms of exclusion or the disappearance of the working class... A humanistic and political inventory of society.

An intellectual close to Michel Foucault and Pierre Bourdieu, author of numerous essays and especially known for his works about homosexuality, sociologist Didier Eribon had never addressed the issue of his working-class origins until he published “Returning to Reims” in 2009. Between confession and reflection, the book evokes the confrontation with his family after his father’s death at a time when he becomes particularly aware of the fact that the working class, who used to vote Communist during his childhood, had massively turned towards the extreme right, feeling abandoned by left-wing parties. Thomas Ostermeier brings to life these troublesome reflections in the form of a documentary film being edited where we see the author looking for the places of his childhood and youth. In the meantime, Irène Jacob describes on stage her own interrogations reacting to Eribon’s questioning.

Based on the novel Retour À Reims by Didier Eribon (Fayard, 2009) direction Thomas Ostermeier in a version by Schaubühne am Lehniner Platz (Berlin, direction Thomas Ostermeier)

Scenography & Costumes Nina Wetzel Music Nils Ostendorf sound Jochen Jezussek Dramaturgy Florian Borchmeyer, Maja Zade lighting design Erich Schneider Film directed by Sébastien Dupouey & Thomas Ostermeier shooting Marcus Lenz, Sébastien Dupouey & Marie Sanchez Montage Sébastien Dupouey Sound Peter Carstens & Robert Nabholz Music Nils Ostendorf sound design Jochen Jezussek Archives research Laure Comte & Bagage (Sonja Heitmain, Uschi Feldges) with Cédric Eeckhout, Irène Jacob, Blade Mc Alimbaye

Audiovisual archives **ciné-archives (fonds audiovisuel du Parti communiste français et du mouvement ouvrier), Line Press, Ina, CriticalPast, Framepool, RBB, UFA Bundesarchiv, "Avec le sang des autres" - Bruno Muel, "Mai 68 à Paris" - Claude Fassier, "Les Abattoirs de la SOCOPA" - Joce Hue, "Désossage de cuisse de bœuf" - Bruno Carteron, "La Belle et la Bête" - Jean Cocteau, "Tous les garçons et les filles" - Françoise Hardy/Claude Lelouch.

photo Thomas Ostermeier / Sébastien Dupouey