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Mansaku Nomura / Mansai Nomura / Yûki Nomura / Hiroshi Sugimoto

Fondation d'entreprise Hermes Festival d'Automne à Paris Japonismes

Sep 19Sep 25, 2018

de 10 à 32

15:00 / 20:00


Divine dance, ritual dance,

'Sambasô' revives Japan’s mythical origins which are also those of traditional Japanese theatre: a dive into the past at a time when goddess Amaterasu brought light back to a world of darkness, to the sound of drums. Continuing the transmission of performing arts, Sambasô ritual dance is performed by three generations of the Nomura family of actors who glorify and revolutionize the “kyôgen” tradition, a human and witty counterpart to Nô dramas and ghosts. Hiroshi Sugimoto’s stage design is led by a similar radical act. The program is completed with a kyôgen bearing a paradoxical title “Tsukimizatô” (The Blind Man Admiring the Moon) where laughing and cheerful singing reveal the darkness of humankind, in the past and nowadays.

Véronique Brindeau

Country Japon

conception & scénographie Hiroshi Sugimoto

With Mansaku NomuraMansai NomuraYûki Nomura