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As a child prodigy, Thodur Madabusi Krishna, better known under the name of T. M. Krishna, rose to prominence on the Carnatic musical scene very early. Taught by several masters including the famous Semmangudi Srinivasa Iyer, this charismatic artist is now an essential figure in Indian classical music. A brilliant performer of the traditional Carnatic repertory, he does not hesitate to propose innovative recital formats that leave much room for improvisation. A singer appreciated both for his technique and his wide tessitura and expressiveness, T. M. Krishna is also a politically committed author who constantly questions the place of art in Indian society. He will be accompanied by the talented Akkarai S. Subhalakshmi, a violinist known to Indian music enthusiasts for her sensitive phrasing.

5 à 19 €

Country Inde du Sud

With T.M. Krishna

Akkarai S. Subhalakshmi violin Praveen Sparsh mridangam Anirudh Athreya kanjira Emmanuelle Martin tampura

Maison des Cultures du Monde Festival de l'imaginaire

Sat 16 Nov 2019

4:00 PM

5 à 19 €

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