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Espace Partagé

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Reison Kuroda / Noriko Hirata / Yuiko Terai

france musique

Apr 25, 2020

5 à 19 €



Here, three members of the Hougaku quartet explore the art of sankyoku: a refined repertoire of instrumental chamber music, to which a vocal part often contributes an additional touch of poetry. This trio music, the practice of which reaches back to the end of the Edo period (late 19th century) experienced significant development with the secularization of the shakuhachi flute (once the exclusive domain of the traveling monks of the Fuke Zen sect). Ancient music and superb musicians, graduates of the Tokyo National Conservatory and all winners of prestigious competitions: they carry on the traditional repertoire, while also devoting themselves to preserving the future of their instruments.

Serge Noël-Ranaivo

Country Japon

shakuhachi flute Reison Kuroda koto (zither) & shamisen (lute) Noriko Hirata, Yuiko Terai