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Espace Partagé

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Yoann Bourgeois


Dec 28, 2019Jan 11, 2020

8 € à 25 €

19:30 / 20:30



A suspended platform begins to turn and six humans start fighting for survival. A powerful metaphor about the necessity for mutual assistance.

Three women and three men are on a platform suspended in the air. Have they just survived a cataclysm? Are they endangered migrants? Their airborne raft starts shaking and spinning, as if to get rid of this sample of humanity. Of all the devices ever invented by the ingenious Yoann Bourgeois, none has ever reached such an impressive dimension. On the 1800 kg square platform spinning faster and faster, each individual tries to remain standing, relying on group solidarity to avoid disaster by centrifugal force. Bourgeois, this tremendous poet and explorer of the human condition faced with fundamental forces, has always explained the laws of physics and made us love them. In the masterful display of "Celui qui tombe", he adds suspense and the high stakes of living-together.

Thomas Hahn

Concept, direction & set design Yoann Bourgeois

Artistic assistance during the original production Marie Fonte vocal work Caroline Blanpied & Jean-Baptiste Veyret-Logerias lights Adele Grépinet sound Antoine Garry Costumes Ginette – Sigolene Petey set production Nicolas Picot, Pierre Robelin & Cen Constructions

performed by Julien Cramillet, Kerem Gelebek, Jean-Yves Phuong, Sarah Silverblatt-Buser, Marie Vaudin, Francesca Ziviani