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Molière / Alain Françon

Sep 18Oct 12, 2019

10 € à 30 €

15:00 / 20:00



Should one live in the company of men or avoid it at all costs? Alain Françon puts the question to Molière’s Misanthrope

How do we live in a community, love, and remain human in a cynical world? Should we withdraw from the company of men? The thorny question tormenting Alceste in Molière’s Misanthrope is a perfect fit for Alain Françon. This master of the art of theater — attentive to the meaning and flavor of words, to the versatile moment, to the weight of the political, and to the art of the actor—is taking on the most insolent of classical French writers for the first time in his long career. Françon waited to have staged original productions of radical contemporary authors haunted by the question of living together — Edward Bond, Peter Handke, Botho Strauss. He also investigated Ibsen, Chekov, and Goldoni and explored Feydeau’s cruelty and Corneille’s Le Menteur (The Liar). He sets The Misanthrope in the elegant and timeless antechamber of a seat of power and invites us to witness frosty power plays and romantic intrigue. This feast of wit and intelligence radiantly displays the corseted rigor of the Alexandrine verse and a subtle combination of talents, with Gilles Privat in the role of Alceste.

Auteur Molière direction Alain Françon direction Assistant , Dramaturgy David Tuaillon set design Jacques Gabel Lights Joël Hourbeigt Costumes Marie La Rocca Music Marie-Jeanne Séréro sound Léonard Françon Hair & make up Cécile Kretschmar

with David Casada, Pierre-Antoine Dubey, Daniel Dupont, Pierre-François Garel, Gilles Privat, Lola Riccaboni, Joseph Rolandez, Régis Royer, Dominique Valadié, Marie Vialle