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Eugène Ionesco / Emmanuel Demarcy-Mota

Jan 29Feb 08, 2020

10 € à 32 €



A great fictional tale about the disappearance of our world, a timeless production of the Théâtre de la Ville troupe.

A city whose citizens all turn into rhinoceroses. A single man steps forward to resist this strange epidemic: Bérenger, the anti-hero torn between his desire to “be in the world” and his difficulty with fitting in to a society where appearance rules, performance is obligatory, and conformism required. Survival of the fittest, of the toughest and most ambitious. The jungle isn’t far off. If in our day, the norm is held up as law and if it is true that fitting the mold is a must and that self-image has turned into a devouring obsession, then this fable will certainly resonate. But with humor. For this sweeping epidemic of Rhinoceritis is also a fantasy, a poetic extravagance. While his view of the world and the individual is virulent, Ionesco does not make a despairing theater, but one that resolutely stands for creative objection, inventive fantasy, and freedom.

Eugène Ionesco direction Emmanuel Demarcy-Mota

direction Assistant Christophe Lemaire set design & lights Yves Collet artistic Collaboration François Regnault Lights Collaboration Nicolas Bats,Thomas Falinower Music Jefferson Lembeye Costumes Corinne Baudelot Assisted byElisabeth Cerqueira Make-up Catherine Nicolas Masks & props Clémentine Aguettant litterary advisor Marie-Amélie Robilliard

with Serge Maggiani, Hugues Quester, Valérie Dashwood, Philippe Demarle, Charles-Roger Bour, Jauris Casanova, Sandra Faure, Gaëlle Guillou, Sarah Karbasnikoff, Stéphane Krähenbühl, Gérald Maillet, Walter N’guyen, Pascal Vuillemot