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Espace Partagé

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Marguerite Bordat / Pierre Meunier

Jan 14Jan 26, 2020

5 € à 15 €

14:30 / 16:00 / 19:00 / 20:00



Pierre Meunier and Marguerite Bordat take the bull by the horns in this slapstick exploration of our craving for security.

Taking risks and leaping into the unknown is second nature for Pierre Meunier and Marguerite Bordat. That’s what it takes both to explore and to discover. After numerous experiences off the beaten path through daring productions and physical confrontations with all sorts of materials and uncomfortable areas, these tireless inventors now turn their attention to fear—and therefore security. In SÉCURILIF©, they ask how to avoid “giving in to the terror that turns us into panicking creatures.” In other words, how do we face fear without losing our composure? To answer this question, two women and one man step on stage to test different devices intended not only to teach them to control their fear, but to achieve a mental serenity that will allow them to deal with any dangerous situation. These somewhat reckless but always daring practical exercises assure this caustic hymn to reassurance will be memorable.

Hugues Le Tanneur

Marguerite Bordat Text Pierre Meunier

Lighting design Bruno Goubert Assistd by Morgan Romagny sound design Hans Kunze in collaboration with Géraldine Foucault Construction Florian Méneret, Jeff Perlicius, Morgan Romagny construction of the bubble man Camille Lamy

with Suzanne Da Cruz, Bastien Crinon, Valérie Schwarcz