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David Lescot

Les Abbesses

Dec 11Dec 21, 2019

10 à 30 €

18:00 / 20:00 / 20:30



Inspired by the world of musicals, David Lescot creates a funny, moving, and fanciful portrait of a woman emancipating herself.

Traveling through your life, going back to the past, exploring the future as if you were ranging across your own biography… Impossible? Not so sure, if you consider what happens to Georgia, the play’s protagonist. After a horrifying series of catastrophes, this thirty-five year-old academic who has so far succeeded at everything discovers she has a surprising ability: she can “move” through time. It all starts during a lunch at a concept restaurant serving intentionally tasteless food. Disturbed by the disasters dogging her following an unfortunate gesture, Georgia becomes aware of her new power. With this surprising leap into fantasy, David Lescot joins actresses Élise Caron and Ludmilla Dabo, among others, to create a joyous, comedic, and sensitive portrait of a woman emancipating herself—a portrait that is simultaneously acted, sung, and danced.

Hugues Le Tanneur

Text, music & direction David Lescot Cie du Kaïros

Choreography Glysleïn Lefever, assisted by Rafael Linares Torres musical direction Anthony Capelli artistic Collaboration Linda Blanchet set design Alwyne de Dardel Costumes Mariane Delayre lights Paul Beaureilles sound Alex Borgia with Candice Bouchet, Élise Caron, Pauline Collin, Ludmilla Dabo, Marie Desgranges, Matthias Girbig, Alix Kuentz, Emma liégeois, Yannick Morzelle, Antoine Sarrazin, Jacques Verzier musicians Anthony Capelli drums, Fabien Moryoussef keyboards, Philippe Thibault bass, Ronan Yvon guitar