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The Palestinian voice

A singer, composer, and flautist, the 23-year-old Palestinian artist Nai Barghouti travels the world with a perfect command of the technique of Arab singing and a charisma revealed at an early age when studying music at the Edward Said National Conservatory in Palestine.

Nai Barghouti lives between Palestine and the European capitals where she studies and performs on the most important international stages. She has found her place in a fusion movement inspired by other divas such as Fayrouz and an in-depth knowledge of both the Arab musical heritage and Western musical culture. Nai Barghouti has just received the prestigious 2020 “Young Talent Award” from the Concertgebouw in the Netherlands.

5 € to 20 €

Khalil Khoury, Qanoun
Marwan Fakir, Violon
Nawras Ibrahim, contrebasse
Ziad Benyoussef, Oud
Yousef Zayed, Percussion

Sun 28 Nov 2021

3:00 PM

5 € to 20 €

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