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Tânia Carvalho

Les Abbesses

Saison France Portugal 2020

Mar 12, 2022

5 € to 20 €




Madmud / Duploc barulin

On the piano, or on a traditional Chinese music instrument, on Pessoa's poems or texts of her own composition, Tânia Carvalho will take us to another universe the time of a concert, as she brings forth an astonishing palette of feelings.

A song in Portuguese with whispering words on madly syncopated rhythms, melodies carried by the wind, a hammering of the piano that transforms it into a percussion instrument, while at other times she runs through the keyboard at full speed, raising waves and storms, to suddenly end up making a monster appear in a forest... She takes over the hits of classical music, distorting these well-known tunes with fun and wildness. It is probably no coincidence that she chose the erhu, a Chinese string instrument considered to be of "barbarian" origin, for part of the concert. Her voice dares to do everything, passing with ease from the highest to the lowest register, resonating with mysterious echoes from another time and from distant shores.

A journey in the company of a free spirit, fundamentally original.


Piano André Santos
Musique Tânia Carvalho
Textes Tânia Carvalho, Fernando Pessoa
Lumières Anatol Waschke
Son Juan Mesquita