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Robert Wilson

In English
Overtitled in French

Dance Reflections / Van Cleef & Arpels Festival d'Automne à Paris

Sep 20Oct 23, 2021

10 € to 36 €

15:00 / 20:00



The legendary double solo of Robert Wilson and Lucinda Childs now passed on to two outstanding performers.

A complete change. I Was Sitting on my Patio… was directed by Robert Wilson in 1977, barely a year after the dynamic force of Einstein on the Beach. A monologue without drama has a stream of consciousness pouring forth, set in the simplicity of a black and white stage and driven by movements initially angular then feverish. A frenzy of words, uttered first by Robert Wilson himself, then repeated by Lucinda Childs marking them with the expressiveness of inner collapse. Clinical minimalism, formal austerity perceived through contradictions: nothing materializes, not even this guy in the title and the first words of the text. Nothing happens and everything happens; everything happens and happens again in individual difference, and will come back again and again, going round and round like a roundabout.

Texte, conception, mise en scène Robert Wilson

Co-mise en scène Lucinda Childs Avec Christopher Nell et Julie Shanahan Metteur en scène associé Charles Chemin Costumes Carlos Soto Collaboration à la scénographie Annick Lavallée-Benny Collaboration aux lumières Marcello Lumaca Design sonore Nick Sagar Création maquillage Manuela Halligan, Véronique Pfluger Assistant aux costumes Emeric Le Bourhis Assistant à la scénographie assistant Chloé Bellemère Assistante du metteur e scène associé Agathe Vidal Musiques Jean-Sébastien Bach, Franz Schubert, Jean-Baptiste Lully, Michael Galasso Réalisation vidéo 1977 Gretta Wing Miller Réalisation des costumes FBG2211 Construction du décor Atelier Espace et compagnie, Vénissieux Perruques Noï Karunayadhaj

I was sitting on my patio this guy appeared I thought I was hallucinating a été créé à l’Eastern Michigan University le 5 avril 1977, interprété par Robert Wilson et Lucinda Childs, musique Alan Lloyd

Production Théâtre de la Ville – Paris
Coréalisation Festival d’Automne à Paris
Avec le soutien de Dance Reflections by Van Cleef & Arpels
En association avec EdM Productions - Elisabetta di Mambro/Simona Fremder

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