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David Lescot

Le Monfort

Le Monfort

Dec 16Dec 23, 2020

8 € à 28 €





Like a wave from a magic wand, an accidental gesture is all it takes to set everything off… An extraordinary event allows Georgia to revisit essential moments in her life. To execute this whimsical comedy as funny as it is charming, David Lescot pulls out all the stops, brilliantly mixing theatre, song, and dance to his own musical compositions, in a deliriously cheerful show carried by an incredible company of actors, singers, and musicians.

The duo of David Lescot and Ludmilla Dabo has come up with an irresistible musical. Le Monde

DDavid Lescot writes melodies that express both the melancholy and the pleasures of life and quickly have us humming along. Télérama

This performance masterfully reveals that today an entire generation of actors is able to sing and dance as naturally as they breathe and talk Libération

This is a perfect success, a pure delight, don’t think twice about seeing it. Le Canard enchaîné

Texte music & direction David Lescot

Choreogaphy Glysleïn Lefever, assisted by Rafael Linares Torres // MUSICAL DIRECTION Anthony Capelli // ARTISTIC COLLABORATION Linda Blanchet // set design Alwyne De Dardel // COSTUMES Mariane Delayre // lights Paul Beaureilles // sound Alex Borgia // props Gala Ognibene // wigs Catherine Bloguère

with Candice Bouchet, Élise Caron, Pauline Collin, Ludmilla Dabo, Marie Desgranges, Matthias Girbig, Alix Kuentz, Emma Liégeois, Yannick Morzelle, Antoine Sarrazin, Jacques Verzier

and rthe musicians Anthony Capelli, Fabien Moryoussef, Philippe Thibault, Ronan Yvon