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Espace Partagé

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With Tânia Carvalho movement explores different roads

Several theatres in Lisbon decided to present a joint path to explore Tânia Carvalho’s work, leading figure of Bomba Suicida between 1997 and 2014. Mainly Choreographer, she’s also passionate about drawing and musical composition. With A Bag and a Stone, she faces a new challenge: she imagines a choreography that would live its own life and would find a projection screen better than a stage to develop itself. On an original Diogo Alvin’s score, according to gorgeous black and white twilight images, movement explores different roads.

Born in Portugal in 1976, Tânia Carvalho starts studying ballet at the age of five. At 14, she swaps to contemporary dance. Together with other artists she founds Bomba Suicida (1997-2014). Her performances- a repertory of nearly 20 pieces - share a common concern about lines, structure and space.

Free entry on reservation

written & directed by Tânia Carvalho
Direction of photography & editing Christo Roussev
Music Diogo Alvim
Light Zeca Iglésias, Christo Roussev
Concept costumes Tânia Carvalho
Costumes Aleksandar Protic
Sound engineer Suze Ribeiro
Assistant Pietro Romani
Light fitting Zeca Iglésias
Makeup André Santos
props Leonor Hipólito
seamstresses Drena Drinic, Ana Krkobabic

with André santos boy with the bag, Leonor Hipólito girl with the stone , Ramiro Guerreiro man in white with mustache, Petra van Gompel girl in white dress, Bruno Senune boy in white, Luís Guerra white geometric, Bruna Carvalho black geometric, Jácome Superhero Filipe, Cláudio Vieira garçon à rayures musique interprétée parboy with stripes music performed by Ana Filipa Serrão, Ana Pereira, Fernando Llopis Mata, Hugo Paiva, Joana Cipriano

PRODUCTION Tânia Carvalho. EXECUTIVE PRODUCTION João Guimarães. COPRODUCTION Centro Cultural Vila Flor – Teatro Maria Matos – Théâtre De La Ville-Paris. With the support of Fundação Calouste Gulbenkian-Lisbonne. RÉSIDENCE D’ARTITSES O Espaço Do Tempo, Centro Cultural Vila Flo.

DGartes Portugal - République portugaise Fondation Galouste Gulbenkian EGEAC São Luiz Teatro Municipal Lisboa - Mairie de Lisbonne Camões

Wed 16 May 2018

7:00 PM

Free entry on reservation

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