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Dec 13Dec 30, 2017

5 € to 26 €

14:30 / 15:00 / 19:30



Alice becomes an aquatic tale, a book of dreamy images, a hymn to the marvelous power of theatre

« It seems impossible to me to keep on considering as children literature these precious poems which are real documents concerning the history of human thought. » , Aragon wrote in 1931 about Alice in the Wonderland. Lewis Carroll, as much gifted for poetry as for mathematics, revolutionized through some apparently innocuous histories, the idea of a logic, stable and rational world, thus creating some paradoxes that will be soon reclaimed by major researchers. Alice, here revisited by Fabrice Melquiot, meets on her way different anomalies, riddles or monstrosities: a tardy rabbit, a smiling cat… In order to come back to the surface, she will firstly have to go underground. A way to say that, starting from the depths, Alice will reach Theatre land.

François Regnault

Country France

Text Fabrice Melquiot d'après Lewis Carroll Direction Emmanuel Demarcy-Mota direction Assistant Christophe Lemaire Scenography Yves Collet Costumes Fanny Brouste Lighting Yves Collet Sound David Lesser Video Matthieu Mullot Masks Anne Leray Make up Catherine Nicolas props Audrey Veyrac artistic advisor François Regnault second direction assistant Julie Peigné Lighting Assistant Thomas Falinower voice training Maryse Martines costumes making Peggy Sturm Alix Descieux-Read, Hélène Chancerel, Patty Robinet masks making Marie-Cécile Kolly costumes trainee Anaïs Gabillard set making Espace et Compagnie company Troupe du Théâtre de la Ville

With Suzanne Aubert, Jauris Casanova, Valérie Dashwood, Philippe Demarle, Sandra Faure, Sarah Karbasnikoff, Stéphane Krahenbühl, Gérald Maillet, Walter N’guyen