Espace Partagé

Espace Partagé

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Feb 06Feb 23, 2018

from 8 to 15 €

14:30 / 15:00 / 19:30

- 6
6 years and older

Childhood, his dreams and his sadness. They believed themselves inseparable

Emmanuel Demarcy-Mota, two actors of the troupe and the musician Arman Méliès, make us discover the childhood world of Fabrice Melquiot. Sabah, a little girl who sees herself as a Sioux of the Dakota tribe, and Romain, a little boy left by parents too busy to take care of him. At first very friendly, they end up discovering the first shivers of love. Adult hatred will ultimately separate them.

Colette Godard

Text Fabrice Melquiot (l’arche éditeur) collective creation under the direction of Emmanuel Demarcy-Mota with the collaboration of Christophe Lemaire Music creation Arman Méliès video creation Mike Guermyet scenography Yves Collet costumes Laurianne Scimemi Del Francia lighting design Christophe Lemaire, Yves Collet sound surround David Lesser

With Céline Carrère, Stéphane Krahenbühl