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Espace Partagé

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Mar 14Apr 14, 2018

from 10 to 30 €

15:00 / 20:30



In the face of terror, the rebellion of two young lovers

A sleepy town, where nothing happens. A governor. Out of nowhere, a tyrant suddenly appears and seizes power. He’s called “The Plague” and decrees the state of siege. From then on, the town undergoes a cruel dictatorship: suspension of fundamental freedoms, inhumane rules, terror. Helped by an evil secretary, the tyrant inoculates randomly his subjects with the plague and kill them until a young man, helped by his beloved one, rises up in protest and organizes the resistance. The town will be freed in exchange for his life. The girl will survive. A grand political allegory.

François Regnault

Text Albert Camus direction Emmanuel Demarcy-Mota company Troupe du Théâtre de la Ville direction Assistant Christophe Lemaire Lighting design Yves Collet Lighting Christophe Lemaire artistic advisor François Regnault Sound creation David Lesser Video creation Mike Guermyet Costumes Fanny Brouste Make up Catherine Nicolas props Griet de Vis Masks Anne Leray second direction assistant Julie Peigné Lighting Assistant Thomas Falinower Scenography Assistant Clémence Bezat costumes Assistant Hélène Chancerel, Albane Cheneau

with Serge Maggiani, Hugues Quester, Alain Libolt, Valérie Dashwood, Hannah Levin Seiderman,Jauris Casanova, Philippe Demarle, Sandra Faure, Sarah Karbasnikoff, Gérald Maillet, Walter N’Guyen, Jackee Toto, Pascal Vuillemot