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A stunning Mugham trio

Who could forget Alim Qasimov or the musical prowess of Nezaket Teymurova? Two masters who have taken Azeri Mugham art - at the crossroads of Turkish and Persian world - so high that in 2005 it was registered on Unesco’s list of inalienable cultural heritage of humanity. Today a new generation is taking over. For instance, prodigious Kamila Nabiyeva, 21 years old and winner at the age of 14 of a prestigious Mugham contest, has already conquered large audiences outside of her country. Accompanied by Kamanche undisputed master, Elshan Mansurov, and by the musicologist and târ teacher, Alakbar Alakbarov, it is in a trio that she will unleash her imaginary to adorn this modal music with brilliant improvisations.

jacqueline Magnier

5 à 19€

Country Azerbaïdjan

Kamila Nabiyeva vocals Elshan Mansurov Kamantché Alakbar Alakbarov Târ

With the support of the Azerbaijani Embassy in France

Azerbaïdjan Association Dialogue France - Azerbaïdjan

Sat 12 Jan 2019

4:00 PM

5 à 19€

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