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The jaltarang art

Following in his grandfather’s footsteps, jaltarang master Milind Tulankar, singer, drummer and harmonium player, specialized early in this extremely rare instrument to become its best current representative. Jaltarang is composed of fifteen to twenty bowls that are tuned to a raga by filling them up with water. The musician hits their edges using two thin sticks and crystalline sound percussion has a youthful sound of magic and leads to rhythmic exaltation. Milind Tulankarn was born in 1968; he studied with sitar master Shahid Parvez and was encouraged by Shivkumar Sharma, unsurpassed santur player. Since, thanks to his unfaltering mastery, he presents this astonishing instrument throughout the world.

Christian Ledoux

5 à 19€

Country Inde du Nord

Milind Tulankar Jaltarang Ganesh Tanwade Tabla Ganesh Papal Pakhawaj

Air India

Sat 6 Apr 2019

4:00 PM

5 à 19€

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Mandeep Raikhy studio


Apr 05Apr 07, 2019

Kathakali - King Lear

William Shakespeare, Annette Leday, David McRuvie COMPAGNIE ANNETTE LEDAY/KELI