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Khyal singing

Born in the Himalayan Himachal Pradesh, Sunanda Sharma begins studying music with her father at the age of five. After a PhD in musical arts, she becomes the most talented disciple of Girija Devi (great master of the holy city traditions who died in 2017). Her crystal clear presence, her melodious voice and the elegance of her style made her one of the most demanded singers of her generation. Her immaculate elegance and freshness support her voice that is as clear as the mountains of her childhood. Through the different “Khyal” musical genres that she handles (romantic and poetic “thumree”, hypnotic “dadra”, “chaiti” that is sung during Holi, feverishly supplicating “kajri”, obsessive and lively “tappa”), she knows how to pay tribute to her renowned guru’s legacy.

Christian Ledoux

5 à 19€

Country Northern India

Sunanda Sharma Khyal singing Sagar Barua Harmonium Jay Shankar Tabla

Mon 28 Jan 2019

8:00 PM

5 à 19€

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