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Espace Partagé

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Eun-Me Ahn

Maison des pratiques artistiques amateurs

May 09May 11, 2019

Entrée libre sur réservation

16:00 / 20:00

Inspired by American artist Andy Warhol’s renowned “15 minutes of fame”, Eun-Me Ahn gives 50 young amateur dancers their chance to shine, with 1 minute and 59 seconds on stage to strut their stuff. Ahn’s choice of time is anything but random: it corresponds to the average interval that people spend on one online video before clicking off. A true piece of performance art, comprising a series of 50 individual sketches, “1’59 – Being 20 in 2020” calls itself the reflection of an era, and the snapshot of a generation. Treating a variety of themes—love, questions of gender, racism, family, and the environment—without prejudice or judgement, the South Korean choreographer prompts us to reflect upon the state of contemporary society.

Olivier Fregaville

Country France

directrice artistique Eun-Me Ahn

workshop directed by Eun Me Ahn et Clint Lutes with La Horde, Gaëlle Bourges, Roxanne Butterfly and Delphine Jungman