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Anne Teresa De Keersmaeker / Alain Franco / Louis Nam Le Van Ho

Les Abbesses

Fondation d'entreprise Hermes Festival d'Automne à Paris

Nov 10Nov 18, 2018

10 à 32€

16:00 / 20:00

Ten years after its premiere, under the title “Zeitigung”, Anne Teresa De Keersmaeker and Alain Franco reboot the “Zeitung” machinery. In the meantime, the world has changed. With eight young dancers, they update their original work. On the occasion of this review, Louis Nam Le Van Ho, a young dancer and choreographer, is invited to confront himself with Anne Teresa De Keersmaeker’s writing, to rub his own language into it. His contribution sheds another light, stemming from a new generation of dancers, on De Keersmaeker and Franco’s passionate investigation, relentlessly exposing the essential nerves of choreography and music composition. Alain Franco is on stage, at the piano, on an equal footing with the dancers. In a wide, historic gesture, Bach, Brahms, Schonberg and Webern works cross the laws of geometry and the principles of choreographic improvisation.

concept Anne Teresa De Keersmaeker, Alain Franco, Louis Nam Le Van Ho

CHOREOGRAPHY Anne Teresa De Keersmaeker, Louis Nam Le Van Ho MUSIC Bach, Brahms, Webern, Schoenberg LIGHTING DESIGN Luc Schaltin, Anne Teresa De Keersmaeker COSTUMES Anne-catherine Kunz CREATED WITH & PERFORMED BY Lav Crnčević, José Paulo Dos Santos, Bilal El Had, Frank Gizycki, Robin Haghi, Louis Nam Le Van Ho, Luka Švajda, Thomas Vantuycom & Alain Franco (piano)