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Ramsey Nasr / Ivo Van Hove

In Dutch
Overtitled in French

Nov 13Nov 16, 2018

15 à 36€


What really happens on the other end of the line in Jean Cocteau’s « The Human Voice »? The only point of view that we have is the woman’s. All that we know about her former lover, we learn it from her. But who is this man? Is he really a heartless monster, a shameful brute ready to dump his girlfriend to marry another woman? Actor and author Ramsey Nasr and Ivo Van Hove choose to present a more complete version of the story by taking a closer look at what might have happened between the two lovers. While Cocteau relied on the relationship’s unbalance, they empathize with a version of the man who would have suffered equally. Like in a trial, they give him the floor to let him defend his point of view.

Hugues Le Tanneur

Country Pays-Bas

text Ramsey Nasr direction Ivo Van Hove

DRAMATURGY Bart Van Den Eynde SET & LIGHTING DESIGN Jan Versweyveld SOUND Timo Merkies TEXTS TRANSLATION IN ARABIC Tayseer Nasr COSTUMES Wim Van Vliet SET DESIGN ASSISTANT Bart Van Merode CASTING Hans Kemna AVEC Ramsey Nasr & Belinda van der Stoep