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Espace Partagé

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Mar 15Mar 17, 2023

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A self-portrait of two friends, two Afghans, making the most of the present to build the future.

Daniel and Zobaïr are two young men from Afghanistan who first met in France. One lives in Paris and the other in Clermont-Ferrand in central France. One wants to be an actor, the other a dancer. Their life is in French culture and traditions, in Afghan culture and traditions, and at the intersection of both.

The choreographer Cédric Cherdel was working with young migrants who were unaccompanied minors and was struck by the ease of these two on stage. He introduced them to the writing of the philosopher Simone Weil and her magnificent book L’Enracinement, prélude à une déclaration des devoirs envers l’être humain [The Need for Roots: prelude towards a declaration of duties towards mankind], covering the experience of being uprooted for political reasons, and the essential need to belong, the need for truth and for multiple roots.

Since then, Daniel and Zobair have been following a path together on stage, challenging their interests and motives. Here they express themselves in words, music and movement, conveying their aspirations and their individual visions of the world and of their future.

Original idea, Scenography and Lighting : Cédric Cherdel

Performance and original music: Daniel Nayebi et Zobaïr Noori

Production : Association Uncanny
With support from Danse à tous les étages, Rennes - Danse dese, Pantin – National Choreography Center (CCN) of Nantes and the City of Nantes
Program in residence TU-Nantes, SEPT CENT QUATRE VINGT TROIS, Nantes – Le Garage, Rennes – La Nef - Manufacture d’utopies, Pantin – Fabrique Bellevue-Chantenay, Nantes – Théâtre Paul Eluard, Bezons